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Wayne Lewis, Editor/Art Director of Colorado Outdoors magazine says, "Through his long association with Colorado Outdoors magazine, I have learned more about angling from Ron Belak than any other author. His articles on fly fishing in remote, high-moutain waters have long entertained and educated our magazine's readers and staff alike."

Pat Dorsey, fly-fishing guide and author, says, "Ron Belak is one of the top authorities on Colorado's backcountry. This book is jam-packed with strategies and fly patterns to take your high-mountain lake and stream game to the next level. Belak's wealth of knowledge is accompanied by stunning photography, which makes it hard to put down."

Steve Schweitzer, author, says, "For any mountain angler, this is a must-have book overflowing with practical experience only available from someone who has traversed the trails and worn out boot leather to get it. This book is the new standard for understanding how to plan, prepare for and fish the high country, no matter where you choose to fish."

Dave Hughes, author, says, " Ron's beautiful book will take you to some new places, not all of them in Colorado, and will show you some new things to do--new ways to catch trout!--in places you already enjoy."