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Welcome to Ron Belak's Website for Fishing High Lakes and Small Streams in Colorado's Backcountry

Ron Belak is an award-winning writer and photographer from Evergreen, Colorado. He has fished the Colorado backcountry as an adult for 40 years. In that time, he has fished about 600 different high lakes and small reservoirs in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia and Argentina. Ron has published about 90 magazine articles on fly fishing, mostly in Colorado Outdoors magazine--the official publication of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. He has also published two books on fishing the backcountry, which can be ordered by clicking on their titles on the upper right side of this web page. One can also read a portion of each book by clicking on the title on the bottom right side of this web page.


Educated as a scientist with degrees in geology and significant coursework in the biological sciences, Ron approaches fly fishing from an analytical perspective, trying to decide what strategies, techniques, equipment and patterns work and what is the scientific basis for why they work. In addition to Colorado Outdoors magazine, Ron Belak’s writing has also appeared in Fly Fisherman and American Angler magazines. He is a frequent presenter at chapter meetings of Trout Unlimited, other fly-fishing clubs and the Fly Fishing Show in Denver.