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YouTubes and Podcast on Backcountry Fly Fishing

Ron has published several YouTubes and engaged in a lengthy conversation on fishing high lakes in a podcast on Fish Untamed. These are described below.


Ron gives many presentations to Trout Unlimited chapters and fishing clubs. These are often 45 to 60 minute presentations on backcountry fishing and high lakes. He condensed one presentation on fishing high lakes into a 17 minute PowerPoint presentation available on his YouTube channel. Click this link to view it:  Fishing High Lakes in the Colorado Backcountry


If you like fishing small streams, see Ron's YouTube filmed by professional videographer Jerry Neal with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This was filmed as a supplement to Colorado Outdoors's 2012 Fishing Guide and has been viewed 85,000 times. Click this link to view: Fly Fishing Small Streams


In Katie Burgert's Fish Untamed podcast series, Ron engages in a one-and-a-half-hour interview with Katie on how and when to fish high-country lakes. This is episode #50, and it took place in May 2021. Click this link Fishing Backcountry Alpine Lakes, with Ron Belak to listen.


If you like fishing soft hackles, see Ron's YouTube on tying the world's oldest recorded fly--the Partridge and Orange. Again, it was filmed by Jerry Neal with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Click this link to view:  Fly Tying Soft Hackle Flies (Partridge and Orange).


One of my presentations, "Fly Fishing the Backcountry of Argentina, Alaska and Colorado without Busting Your Butt," was videotaped. You can watch it by clicking on this link:   https://youtu.be/VL1nbZSwXdA.