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Ron Belak is normally available to give presentations at chapter meetings of Trout Unlimited and other fly-fishing clubs in the Denver metro area from September through mid-May. In-person presentations include "800 High Lakes in Colorado:  Recommendations on Where to Fish." This presentation uses materials from his new book "The Fishing Guide to 800 High Lakes in Colorado." Ron also gives a limited number of presentations in other areas of Colorado. Other topics available are: "Fly Fishing Colorado's Backcountry," "Strategies for Fishing High Lakes," "Photographing Fish," "Fishing the Backcountry of Argentina, Alaska and Colorado without Busting Your Butt," "Fishing Alaska from a Coloradan's Perspective" and "Front Range Stillwaters," a new presentation that explores high lakes and drive-up reservoirs from the southern boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park to the Highway 285 corridor. Ron also gives presentations on wildlife and birds to Audubon and local camera and photography clubs. He has presentations on Tanzania, Ecuador/Galapagos, and Peru. He can be reached through the CONTACT page.