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Books & Magazines on Backcountry Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Colorado's Backcountry

This book became available in late December 2018. It's an organized collection of articles that originally appeared individually in Colorado Outdoors magazine, the official publication of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Each article was updated and rewritten in 2018, and the articles are woven into 6 logical chapters giving advice on seasonal strategies for high lakes, how to reseach backcountry waters, equipment, techniques, entomology, fly patterns and fish biology. Although aimed primarily at backcountry anglers in Colorado, over half of the essays are relevant to fly fishing for trout anywhere. Reviews of the book appear on the "Book Reviews" tab.


ISBN: 978-1-54395-149-3

Library of Congress Registration Number: TX 8-700-906

Publisher:  High Lakes Press

Printer:  BookBaby

183 pages of text and 430 color photos in 8 1/2 x 11-inch, paperback format


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The Fishing Guide to 800 High Lakes in Colorado

This "where to fish" book consists of 23 articles previously published in Colorado Outdoors magazine that are now arranged in 6 geographic areas, covering all the mountain ranges of Colorado with significant numbers of high lakes. The articles were updated in 2020 and 2021 with recent stocking data and gill-net surveys. The author fished about 600 of the waters described in this book that contains 300 color photos, 60 topographical maps, trail descriptions to each lake, species present and anticipated sizes of fish to be caught. Publication date was April, 2021, and the book is now available through BookBaby's BookShop with a link below and elsewhere on this web site.


ISBN: 978-1-09837-437-2

Library of Congress Registration Number: TX 8-972-489

Publisher:  High Lakes Press

Printer:  BookBaby

183 pages of text, 300 color photos and 60 topographical maps in 8 1/2 x 11-inch, paperback format


Colorado Outdoors Magazine

Ron Belak publishes four articles each year in Colorado Outdoors magazine. The January/February 2022 issue had an article on ethical outdoor recreation. The March/April 2022 issue contained Ron's article on wildflowers in Colorado. The 2022 Fishing Guide contained Ron's article on easy backpacks for trout (lakes requiring one-way hiking distances of less than 2 miles). The July/August 2022 issue had an article on budget fly-fishing gear. In the January/February 2023 issue, Ron published an article on responsible and ethical fishing. The March/April 2023 issue of Colorado Outdoors will contain an article on fishing high lakes at and above timberline. Additional topics scheduled in 2023 will be mid-range backpacking excursions to high lakes and unconventional uses of traditional fly patterns for trout.